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Tips to Stand Out in Group Discussions for MBA Admissions

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Tips to Stand Out in Group Discussions for MBA Admissions

So, you have planned to bell the CAT this year. But, preparing for the CAT exam is not the only thing to focus in order to fulfill your goal of entering into the IIMs or any other top B-Schools in India. There is much more than that you need to prepare to get an admission in a reputed MBA college, and it is preparing yourself to ace in a group discussion. Read on to get some useful tips on how to crack a group discussion…

The journey for an aspiring MBA does not end here;in fac tit starts from there.When it comes to getting an admission in the IIMs or any other reputed business college, which accepts CAT scores, it is important to know that (Common Entrance Test) CAT is a highly competitive national level exam. Hence, it demands the aspiring candidate to be extra cautious with his preparations for the written exam, personal interview and group discussion.

Whether it is an IIM or any other B-School, Group discussion is an important part of the MBA selection process. Many times a student is able to score good marks, but does not clear the group discussion round. With very less timeframe, it becomes crucial to start preparing for the next step to achieve your career goal- Group Discussion.

What is a Group Discussion?

GD is a part of the selection process for admission to the various MBA colleges in India. It involves the exchange of opinions and ideas on the same topic within a group. The panelists test the candidates on different parameters such as communication skills, original ideas, knowledge and confidence.

Tips to Crack a Group Discussion

CAT brings surprises every year whether it is the question paper, interview questions or topics in group discussions. Here we share some useful tips to successfully clear the group discussion:

  • Take mock GDs

Practice makes a man perfect. So is the case with the preparation for group discussion. Hence, it is advisable totake several mock group discussions with a group of your friends as it makes you more confident to speak out and share your views in a large group.

  • Improve on Communication skills

Speaking and being clear in your thoughts is one of the most important parts of a group discussion. The purpose of conducting GDs is to test the candidates on their communication skills, team work and confidence. Hence, in order to clear a group discussion, it is imperative to work on your communication skills, which not only includes fluent speaking but also being a good listener.

  • Brush up Your Knowledge in Various Current Topics and Fields

B-schools are looking for the future managers who have a better understanding of the different areas. As a result, group discussions conducted by the MBA colleges in India can test the candidates on different topics related to sports, humor, entertainment, economy, social issues, philosophy, politics and education. This makes it crucial for the aspiring candidates to brush up their knowledge in different fields and current affairs.

  • Watch Your Tone and Body Language

During group discussions, candidates usually loose command over their tone and become loud to be listened by others. However, it is importantto understand that a loud tone and aggressive body gestures are not required to prove your point in a group where everyone wants to speak. Since the panelists give special attention to the way a candidate conducts himself in a group. So, if you do not want to lose your points in the GD, remember this tip.

  • Give Others the Chance to Speak

Tooffer admission into the top B-schools,group discussion not only checks the candidates on communication skills and knowledge, but also on the natural leadership qualities. Hence, speaking in the discussion should not be the only purpose. Try to be a good listener and allow others to contribute as well. This thing depicts your motivation and leadership qualities.

  • Try to be the First and the Last One to Speak

Listen to the GD topic carefully and once you understand the topic try to be the first or preferably the second one to speak in the discussion. Initiating and concluding a discussion gives a major advantage as it shows your confidence and ability to conclude the entire discussion. This leadership quality is appreciated by the panelists.

So, do not forget to wear your thinking caps and come up with out of the box ideas in the group discussion. A better preparation can give you the brownie points in the discussion.

Good Luck!

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Swati Srivastava is an experienced writer who is passionate about writing for various career and educational websites. Her articles on career topics such as tips for GD preparations to get into reputed MBA colleges, last minute exam preparation tips, and various exam patterns etc.


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