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Google Nexus 5 release date and specifications

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Google Nexus 5 release date and specifications:

No idea why Google in a hurry burry to release Nexus 5 but it is expected that we can have it in our hand by end of October. Some are with the question now why hurry burry when Google Nexus 4 was released one year before? I didn’t meant that release is in hurry burry but the promised date is been preponed than what it expected to be :) Looks like many are excited to hear this news. Yep! me too. Nexus 4 was launched on November 13th, 2012 by LG and no wonder Nexus 5 is from LG as well.

Basically there will be two models out one with 16GB capacity and other one with 32GB where the price range will be from $300 – $400. It will be a 5 inch phone which expected to be no change in it. Now there are some more surprises with this release which as follows.

It’s not 100% confirmed that these features are there in Nexus 5 but it’s expected. First things first it’s been ringing in everyones mind about what will be the next Android version? and it’s out to be KitKat and Nexus 5 might come out with factory installation of Kit Kat. It will be having the latest 2.3 Ghz Snapdragon 800 processor with 2-3GB of RAM. There is one more new technology to be introduced in the phone which is called to Miracast which enabled wi-fi peer-to-peer transfer of data and wireless charging enabled which sounds cool!


I will second that though because last time Nexus 4 took some time to be released in India. So, this time we can expect a delay as well but watch out who knows it might be released by tomorrow too :D



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