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Arvind Kejriwal the man behind the change in Delhi

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Arvind Kejriwal the man behind the change in Delhi

A revolution that is arising from the democracy, the civilians can be so effective that it can detain and dethrone the ruler ruling from several years. The history also witnesses that whenever the corruption, crime and evil practices rises and imposed on the common man, then it gives birth to the revolution. Same revolution has been started to prevail in the modern India of 21st Century and this time also arises from the ‘Aam Aadmi’, common man of India. The purpose of this revolution is to free India from corruption and to provide good governance to the citizens. The great men behind the revolution are Shri Anna Hazzare, a social activists and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal  7th and the current chief minister of Union Territory of Delhi. Both of their destiny is to free India from corruption and they also worked together for the same cause and when their attempt to pass the Jan Lokpal bill in the loksabha was failed then Arvind decided to get into the politics to cure the dirty politics of India as a result Mr. Arvind founded the recognized political party “AAP” Aam Aadmi party on Nov 2012. His party is for the common man, by the common man and of the common man.

His believe in “Change begin with small thing” helped to found a movement named “Parivartan” on Dec 1999 while he was still in the service with Income Tax Department, this movement focused on assisting citizens in navigating income tax, electricity and food ration matters in delhi. It exposed the scam in 2008. His principles of great thinking and simplicity also helped him a lot to attached and understand the problems of civilians. He laid the foundation of strong political character. His engineering skills also provided the solution to the problems of delhities. His strong, clean character and helping common man without any personal motive led him to defeat the incumbent chief minister, Sheila Dikshit, in her assembly constituency of Delhi.

It is just an emphatic win for common people because it showed the strength of common man. A person running the delhi government since 15 years has to give her resign because of her arrogance and was unable to show the concern to the commons problem.

It is the new sun rise for India, a new and initial step to change India.

Author: Pranjal Goel


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